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Our team has been in the business for over 30 years. We believe that since our customers interact with our work every day, our services need to reflect our commitment to quality—and we know that every time you use one of our floors, that commitment will shine through.

Certified Applicators:


Fred Treitmaier

With extensive experience in the concrete industry, Fred started SlabDocs in 2000. He saw the need for repair services, and his efforts transformed into a full-fledged company offering much more.

Thomas Honaker

Thomas joined SlabDocs over fifteen years ago, bringing his insight into a variety of epoxy applications. When he’s not singing the praises of decorative concrete, Thomas also runs SlabDocs’ sales and marketing while managing the new relationships the company forms each day.

Justin Scantland

Justin heads up our training here at SlabDocs. Since we strive to make our services the best in the industry, it’s up to Justin to make sure every employee lives up to the responsibility of wearing the SlabDocs name.

Kaitlyn Roell
Office Administrator

Kaitlyn has been at SlabDocs for three years. She handles day-to-day operations and accounts, ensuring every process runs smoothly from start to finish. Between coordinating projects and managing client relations, Kaitlyn does it all!

Josh Bushey

Josh is an integral part of the team of SlabDocs. Our customers appreciate his commitment to getting things just right, and they know their satisfaction is guaranteed. We think the world would be a better place if more people had an attitude like Josh’s.

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